The world of Museums

Have you visited the Uffizi ? Did you like what you saw?

Now I would like you to tell me about another famous museum which you have seen or visited .

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London - Cromwell Gardens - Victoria & Albert Museum X

Go online and search about the Victoria and Albert Museum



Let’s go on with our visit in London : which other museums are famous?


Homework for class 1^ D

-Search online and  visit a museum by using  Google Maps– it is easy and you can do it by simply  using your mobile phone.

-Be ready to tell me and your class about what you have seen- was it engaging?


Is the Environment important for you?

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Since last autumn I have been following a young Swedish girl who is struggling to protect life on our Planet. Her name is Greta and she is a hero. She is a fighter and she’s trying to work to make us realise that our world , the Planet Earth is at risk.
You may have seen her on television many times. She is the leader of a movement of young people who are protesting to save the Planet.
I would like you to tell me what you think about her message and what some young people are trying to do to keep our Planet a healthy place where everyone can live.

Watch her interviews online and these videos about her work:







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What do you think? Is our House on fire?

Be ready to discuss in class about this issue.



Never stop learning!

Sometimes you may feel tired and you are not interested in what we are doing in class.

Remember that what you are doing is important for you, regardless of the marks you may get.

Work on yourselves and never give up.   Remember  learning is important and you will continue learning throughout your life.

The advanced societies require  life-long learners. You will manage and become  a successful  learners.